Even though the effects of Hurricane Harvey are only 3-4 hours down the road, it’s hard to imagine the magnitude of the devastation people are experiencing.  At our location we’ve not even had any rain to speak of.  We have about 20 refugees staying with us at our missions center.  YWAMers have gathered bedding, towels, … More


This past weekend was an exciting time as we saw several of our schools that started last fall, complete their lecture and outreach phases.  On our campus, we held a “Love Feast” to celebrate all that was accomplished which included the graduation for the students.  In our weekly Family Night meeting, we were able to … More Graduation!

Sending and Beginnings

As we saw teams heading out at the end of the year, we are preparing for new students to arrive this month.  We’ll be running a Classic Discipleship Training School and a School of Evangelism.  We’ll also be running a Crossroads Discipleship Training School (for individuals 30 and above and families).  It’s always an exciting … More Sending and Beginnings

YWAM Together 2016

Incredible—to be gathered with 3,000 YWAMers from around the world to be inspired and sent out to influence the world for Christ—YWAM Together 2016.  We talked and strategized regarding the Spheres of Influence.  We met in workshops with others working in the same areas of emphasis (for me Information Technology; for Anne influencing families).  Our … More YWAM Together 2016